We build and manage investment portfolios within carefully established asset allocation guidelines. We deliver investment performance by focusing on strategic asset allocation as the primary source of return while protecting portfolio risk. We provide both discretionary portfolio management services, and non-discretionary (commonly referred to as advisory).

square_white_18Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our client chooses a level of risk, we prepare an investment policy statement adjusting to his specific circumstances. We then implement and manage their portfolio accordingly, rebalance it, manage its risk, and provide with regular reporting and reviews.

This mandate is ideal for clients who do not have time or the resources to manage their own portfolio.


Portfolio Advisory Services

Our client chooses a level of risk, we prepare an investment proposal, tailor-made to their requirements. We provide the relevant analysis and advice, but our client remains the ultimate decision maker for every investment. Clients also get regular reporting and portfolio reviews.

This mandate is designed for clients who are eager to be involved in the day-to-day management of their portfolio.

Our investment process is shaped by our core values and convictions:


Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation is the single most important consideration to ensure a client’s portfolio behaves as expected because it will drive both expected return and volatility. To build portfolios that consistently follows our client’s expectation while meeting specific requirements, we need to fully understand and control risk and return.



True independence with regards to our investment management philosophy allows us to deliver a return strategy designed specifically for our clients. Our open architecture approach means that we can select the markets’ best available solutions to meet a client’s needs.


Tailored solutions

We understand that each client’s circumstances are unique and we can tailor our investment solutions to meet their specific requirements.


Strong and lasting partnerships

We have strong partnerships and trusting relationships with professional advisers and financial institutions, in order to help us to provide the best outcome for our clients.